About Shetai

Providing high quality black hair products is the essence of Shetai Hair Care.

After years of wasting money on Afro hair products which promised great things but delivered very little, we woke up one day and decided that we’d finally had enough. It was in this eureka moment that Shetai Hair Care was born.

As black women we set out to make a difference by creating luxurious products at an affordable price for people of colour with natural hair. This is the essence of Shetai Hair Care. This is where our heart lies and this is what motivates us every day.

Back then even though we weren’t quite sure how we would do it, we never doubted why we wanted to. We reasoned that surely there must be other women like us, faced with the problem of finding the perfect product for kinky, curly, wavy and relaxed afro hair, so we decided to provide a hand-made, yet totally affordable, easily accessible, 100% natural solution made up of only quality ingredients. The kind of things we’d be happy to put in our own hair. Natural products are so much kinder, like a breath of fresh air. They encourage your hair to thrive and who doesn’t want longer, thicker, stronger, tresses with a subtle sheen? These are all of the things which Shetai 100% Natural Hair Butter can provide.