LOC Or LCO Method: An Effective Moisturising Tip For Hair

Have you tried loads of products which promised to keep your brittle hair satisfied but failed to deliver? Worry no more.

Shetai Natural Hair Butter will keep your hair perfectly moisturized and, as just a little goes a long way and it won’t cost you the earth. 

Today’s tip covers the LOC or LCO method which gives great results. We use this technique regularly to place and lock in moisture which in turn aids growth and promotes healthy hair.This method is more effective on clean hair.

You can do this at any time of day, either in the mornings or just before going to bed. It works well on both natural and relaxed hair.


L is for Liquid

Liquid moisturiser which can be water, a leave-in conditioner or a water based moisturiser.

This should be applied first being sure to wet all of the strands. 


O is for Oil.

Use this next to seal your hair, locking in the moisturiser. A natural oil such as Olive or Coconut Oil is ideal.

Again, be sure it covers your whole head with no sections left out.


C is for Cream or Creamy Butter

In this case Shetai Natural Hair Butter. Layered on top of the coconut or olive oil, Shetai Natural Hair Butter which is a fluffy creamy texture is perfect for the LOC method as it locks in the moisture and adds nourishment.


Have you tried the LOC method? How many times a week do you do it and what time of day works best for you

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