How To Use Shetai Natural Hair Butter

We’re not boasting when we say that our butter is made up of the finest natural ingredients which have been proven to combat annoying but common Afro hair problems such as breakage and a dry or itchy scalp. It’s all true and the good thing is that this makes it easier for your hair to do what nature intended, which is to grow softer, stronger and more luxuriant. Shetai Natural Hair Butter is flexible enough to fit in with your current hair care routine, whether your hair is kinky, curly or chemically treated.

Here are a few of the many ways you can use this multi-purpose hair butter.

1. Everyday Cream

Ever had those mornings when the clock’s working against you but you really need to do something with your hair? With Shetai Natural Hair Butter, time again becomes your friend. Simply section your hair into four equal parts. Rub small amounts of the Butter into the hair from root to tip making your hair instantly softer and more manageable. Style and go!

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2. Hair Sealant (for dry hair)

This is great for when you’ve just got out of the shower! It keeps moisture locked into your hair for longer. Section damp hair into 4-6 parts and apply Shetai Natural Hair Butter to each section. Following this it should be smooth enough for you to detangle and plait. When your hair is dry, undo your plaits, style your newly moisturised hair and you’re good to go

3. Pre-pooing

We highly recommend pre-poling. It protects your hair from being stripped of essential oils by your shampoo and ensures that texturised hair retains its moisture. It also gives your conditioner something to cling onto in the form of thicker, stronger hair strands.

Section hair and apply a generous amount of Shetai Natural Hair Butter to each section. Wait at least 30 minutes before shampooing. Your hair should be noticeably less tangled, shiny and soft afterwards.

4. Scalp Cream

Enjoying the ease and pleasure of it, slowly massage a small amount of Hair Butter all over and directly onto your scalp?

Done just before bedtime this is a great way to relax and unwind and could help you get a good night’s sleep. This is a little more time consuming but only needs to be done once every 2 weeks.

Section dry hair into 6-8 parts and generously apply Shetai Natural Hair Butter to each section. Detangle then plait. Without undoing your plaits, thoroughly drench your hair with warm water. You can now begin to slowly and gently towel dry your hair. Once it’s stopped dripping and is damp leave it to air-dry. When your hair is completely dry, undo your plaits. Enjoy the lovely soft feeling of your tresses, style and go. 


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Yet another way to use Natural Hair Butter

Here is how Hair Blogger Victoria Ita uses her Shetai Natural Hair Butter to keep her natural hair soft and moist.

"On my regular hair wash-day, after shampooing and deep conditioning, on damp hair, working in sections, I will lightly sprits my hair with my water and aloe vera juice mix, and then sealed in the moisture with my Shetai hair butter. After this, I will proceed to do medium-large braids, which I would cover using a headwrap; as this was during my final year exams and dissertation project, I was not interested in doing different styles to my hair, just made sure it was moisturised underneath the headwrap. As shown in the pictures below, I decided to go for a stretched braid-out look, for dinner with some friends. 



Using Natural Hair Butter For Protective Styles

Watch this video showing how Hair Blogger Chiaka uses Shetai Natural Hair Butter when styling hair. It is a must hair product to have as it ensures your hair is fed with the nourishment it needs.  



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