The Story Behind Shetai Hair Care

After years of trying and failing to find a product which would fulfill all of their hair care needs, young London based entrepreneurs, sisters Margaret Boukadia and Ruth Ojomo, went a step further and decided to create one themselves.


Following a short but intensive certified course where they learnt how to make all natural hair products, they founded Shetai Hair Care. As black women who identify with the problems of natural hair care their new business enables them to reach out to other black women with similar experiences.


Our hair butters are made with Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter grown by women farmers in West Africa. This is combined with other highly nutritious natural ingredients to form a lightly whipped, penetrating cream. Each jar is handmade by the sisters and Shetai is one of only a few UK based companies who cater for afro and mixed hair using all natural ingredients.


“Our repeat customers love that they are nourishing their hair with vitamins and nutrients in a hair butter which is smooth, light and easily absorbed with a gentle minty scent. They love that our product is fresh and simple with ingredients that they understand. They feel that it’s perfect!”  Ruth, Co-Founder of Shetai Hair Care.


Margaret is a wife and mother of three young children while Ruth describes herself as fun loving and energetic with a love of travelling. As high achievers, both ladies are always seeking to improve themselves and the lives of others around them. Becoming entrepreneurs hasn’t been easy but the sisters believe that there is currently a real need for Shetai within the UK and European market.


“As black women we wanted to make a difference by creating luxurious products at an affordable price for black people with natural hair. This is the essence of Shetai. This is where our heart lies and this is what motivates us every day.” Margaret, Co-Founder of Shetai Hair Care.


Presently the ladies are working on expanding their product line and collaborating with other black owned businesses. Their long term goal is to become a trusted international brand entering areas where black people do not have easy access to quality hair products.

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