Moisturising Or Sealing: Do I Need To Do Both?

Moisturising or Sealing: Do I Need To Do Both?  

We all want great looking healthy hair which feels soft to the touch and stays moisturised, but how do we achieve such hair nirvana?

Until recently, obtaining moisturised and fully nourished tresses seemed to be a secret known only to a lucky few, who flaunted their beautiful, flowing locks in front of the rest of us. (show-offs!) Now, however, the secret is out and almost everywhere you look there are pages and pages of advice about moisturising, strengthening, sealing and the LOC method.

But did you know that there’s a difference between moisturising and sealing hair?

You moisturise your hair when you need to hydrate it, those times it feels neglected, rough and dry and may be breaking. Moisturised hair has significantly less breakage. This which allows retention which ultimately means longer healthier hair.

Sadly, moisturising your hair isn’t the same as keeping in the moisture!

Keeping moisture in, however, means using a sealant. Moisturising followed by sealing gives softer, less dry and, of course, stronger hair.





The Miracle of Moisturiser

 Water, is of course, the ultimate moisturiser, but many of us shy away from it not wanting the shrunken, evaporated effect which can happen with Afro based hair. If your hair is really curly the shrinkage can be pretty major. So, for some, using water on a regular basis might not be practical.

How about trying a water-based moisturiser where water/aqua is one of the top three ingredients on the ingredient list? Incorporating this into your hair care routine is a great way to deal with hair that’s prone to knots as it gently detangles, making it more manageable for styling.

Some people moisturise but still complain of their hair feeling dry. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry. It just means that you’ve probably been moisturising on top of product build-up. Hair strands clogged with old product can’t absorb anything new. The simple solution is to wash your hair! The clean hair will enable moisture to penetrate the hair shaft giving you the results you desire; moisturised, soft and lovely hair.

But did you know that there’s a difference between moisturising and sealing hair?  Read on for information that’ll put you ahead of the game and help you to get the best out of your hair. If you choose to use oils as sealants, use a natural product with small amounts of oils which won’t suffocate the hair.

Super Sealants  

It’s common to confuse sealants with moisturisers and assume that they do the same job. In reality sealants don’t moisturise, their role is keep moisture in. Using sealant as a moisturiser leads to product build-up which in turn leads to dry, brittle and breaking hair.

Sealing in the moisture reduces the rate of water lost from hair strands. This water is needed to keep your hair feeling soft and looking great. The curly structure of black hair renders it porous which means it’s prone to drying out easily. Afro hair will accept moisture, but often loses it just as quickly, which is why sealants are our kinky and curly hair’s best friend! Help your hair to retain its moisture by using a sealant.

 Hair sealants such as natural oils and butters enriched with vitamins provide nourishment making hair strong and healthy. Check HERE for more information about great natural products for your hair. Thicker oils/butters like Shea butter and castor oil can be effective hair sealants but some may find it them a little too heavy for regular use. Shetai Natural Hair Butter offers a nice balance. It contains Shea butter mixed with a combination of lighter oils and provides an effective, easy way to keep your moisturised without weighing down your hair strands.

In a nutshell:

 Moisturisers add moisture in and sealants keep it there. Some of the best moisturisers for curly, kinky, permed and natural hair include oils such as coconut and vitamin E, as well as butters such as Shea. Shetai All Natural Hair Butter has exactly the right combination of these ingredients to help your hair always look its best. 

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