Essential Hair Care Rules

Moisturise. Detangle. Condition.


Would you love your crowning glory to sparkle with health and vitality? Follow our tried and tested three step method.


In the process of our own personal hair journey we quickly realized that in order to have good hair we had to follow three very important rules.

Skipping just one of them gave us problems such as dry hair, shedding and dull-looking tresses.


Here are our top 3 tips to make the most of your mane.


  1. Moisturise Regularly

There’s a reason that this is top tip number one.  Without some form of moisturizer anything else you do to your hair is probably going to be a waste of time. Just like our bodies, our hair needs fluid to function at its best. Don’t underestimate this necessary component of your hair care regime. 

A lack of moisture leads to dry, thirsty hair which in turn promotes breakage and an itchy scalp.

Water is the best moisturizer you can apply. However if you use only water you must seal in the moisture by applying oil or butter to slightly damp hair.  Shetai All Natural Butter is perfect for this plus it leaves your hair feeling silky soft.

If you’re not keen on water as your main moisturizer you can also use a leave-in conditioner or moisturiser with a high water content.

How often you moisturize is a personal decision based on how often your hair becomes dry.


  1. Detangle

Do this after moisturizing as this is when the hair is prone to becoming tangled.

Divide your hair into small sections. Apply a small amount of Shetai All Natural Hair Butter, then finger comb ensuring the butter covers all of the hair.

Next, twist or plait the untangled section.

Omitting this step could leave you with dull, tangled and unmanageable hair.


  1. Condition

Treat your hair to a wonderful replenishing conditioner after every wash. Shampooing can strip your hair of its natural oils and moisture so conditioning is a good way to restore these and add body to your hair. 

Follow these three essential rules consistently and within a month you will notice a positive difference. Has this article been helpful? We would love to hear from you. If you like this blog, share it someone else may also find this article useful.

Love Shetai x 

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