Common Causes of Hair Breakage

Hair breakage seems to be a fact of life but thankfully, the annoying excessive shedding which occurs can be reduced with a little time and care. 

Start by taking a look at what you’re putting in your hair. Are your products filled with mineral oil, parabens, alcohol and sulfates? These harmful ingredients strip nutrients and essential oils from your strands. Make a switch immediately to products which use only natural ingredients. Remember that it can take a while to notice major changes when using new products so, unless the effects are obviously negative, give your hair a chance to get used to the new natural stuff. If a product is filled with no-nos which could potentially damage your hair, reject it no matter how appealing the packaging or the price!

Do you use heat regularly? Having straight hair styles provides variety in your appearance but, unfortunately no matter how much you like the look, your hair won’t always love it! If you must use heat such as straighteners or when blow drying, reduce the frequency, use a low heat setting and apply protective products to your hair first. This last step is vital to avoid breakage.

Moisturising your hair is really Hair Care 101, a basic and very necessary step. It’s best to use a water based moisturiser or even just water. Some women use the LOC method every two to three days. This method of layering is fantastic for keeping the moisture in and the dryness and breaking out. In a nutshell, LOC method is basically hydrating your hair with water or a water based moisturiser, then locking that moisture into your strands by coasting it with a light oil and cream/butter. Remember moisturised hair gives you soft manageable hair and greatly reduces breakage. 

Condition after every hair wash. Conditioner is essentially a cream which smooths the cuticle, softens hair, adds sheen, and restores moisture, just like face, body or hand cream. Conditioning your hair after shampooing is a must as shampooing stripes your hair from its natural oils making your hair prone to be brittle and breakage. Using a conditioner will prevent your hair from breakage. Another hair tip: detangle your hair when it is smothered with conditioner. It is so much easier and it reduces breakage.

Also, be careful of how your style your hair. Tight styles which pull the hair WILL cause breakage especially around the hair line. Loose protective styles will minimize the tension on your hair thus avoiding breakage and promoting hair retention. Remember that hair retention is key to having long hair.

Remember that you are what you eat! Diet plays a large part in keeping your hair healthy and hydrated so drink plenty of water, cut down on caffeine and alcohol and fill your diet with nutritious fruit and vegetables to ensure you’re getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals.

Following these simple steps means you’ll be showering your hair with TLC whilst keeping it healthy and strong with minimal breakage. Minimal breakage means longer hair. Your hair will look great and feel great!

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